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babushka -

Michael: I have a question for you, Judge. Do you believe even the worst person can change? That everyone can get better if they try?


Michael: Okay, here is another question... Do you wanna have a BAD JANET?! 


The Good Rider - Digital Oil Painting

Michael and Janet as Kamen Rider Zero-One and Izu. This is my favorite one to date, this painting has more easter eggs in it than any other painting in this series so far! 

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babushka -

Eleanor. Called. Tahani. Babe. Twice. In a minute.

What a time to be alive.

babushka -

famous social media poster: well i posted this, but i didn't THINK this would be offensive to a lot of people!


The good place be like:

babushka -

season 1: Michael is good

season 2: o damn Michael is actually bad

season 3: Michael was bad but now is actually good

season 4: Michael was actually good but now there is a bad Michael too

babushka -

rewatching the good place and Realising Things:

  • how cruel Michael was. now that i see through him, the whole first season is... Damn! I like him less now! 
  • the more adorable he is when he admits that Janet is his friend
  • how awful Eleanor's mom was. like legit awful. i know they'll sorta make up but
  • how actually empathetic Eleanor is. Michael said and he was right. I guess on Earth she was busy assuring she doesn't belong anywhere
  • how Eleanor obviously fell for Chidi from the start, not just because he was her only chance, and how sympathetic he is to her despite all her actions. Also Let Chidi Rest 2KJB (Jearimy Bearimy). 

babushka -

didn't even get to talk about the episode 3, about all the angst, about what the hell were the last two seconds...

John being gay and... well, being John is making him quite a stereotype, not sure if it's a really bad stereotype because John is supposed to become a better person, but like, he is kinda stereotypical? how do i make sence of what i am saying

Eleanor on the other hand, i don't remember if she is canonically bi but she is like... the embodiment of bi experience to me

babushka.waterfall.social, 2019

Michael's true form uwu

quote of the year

babushka -

Brent: oh hey girl

Good Janet: not a girl! 

Brent: whatever, i'll ask that one. Hey you, girl...

Bad Janet: *texting*

Brent: Hey, I am talking to you! You're the girl, right?

Bad Janet: ugh, i'm none of your busyness you dumb butt

Brent: everyone is so offended these days. This one looks neutral! Hey girl! 

Neutral Janet: End of conversation.

Brent: But gir-

Neutral Janet: End. Of. Conversation. 

"Me and Eleanor have a lot in common. Here's how you can tell us apart: One of us is a manipulative demon, who is an expert at making other people miserable, and then the other one... is me!" (season 2x season 4)

"<span id="_mce_caret" data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret">This is a job for a human - one who's tough, but also empathetic, and has a big heart and a world-class bullshirt detector. You think you can't do this? Eleanor... You're the only one who can do this."</span>

The Good Place,s04e02

who knew, Jason

meme stolen from vk 


@syrup return from the void 

for some reason i thought Linda would be like "I demand to speak to your manager" thing 

less then one month... HHH

babushka -

silmarillion: is silmarillion

me, nervously shoving bodies of elves under the sofa: haha! everyone should be happy! dark lords more like dork lords! let's just relax and enjoy shiny things and long hair haha

the good place: is comedy

me: okay but there is so many feelings you can feel about it. in this essay i will

babushka -

let's talk about how The Good Place treats ist characters 

because the first thing we know about Eleanor is that she is an asshole. not a loveable one, just an asshole. a relatable one, maybe, but still...

and then we are all rooting for her and watching her change for the better, without all the "I am not who I was before" speeches and without drastic changes in her personality. it takes time and effort, but she is willing to change because of people she cares about, and that's it. she is supposed to overcome her egoism, but her character and audacity is not going anywhere: in fact, this is what makes her a leader of the group. her ability to stand up against angels and demons, look them right in the eye and say "we are doing things my way, not yours!" is something the humans really need in difficult situations.

and then her memory gets erased over and over, but the character development is never lost. she learns the same things in different ways, and we are learning more about her and never get tired of rooting for her. even thought she is presented as an asshole from the very beginning and doesn't change drastically, we learn along with Eleanor who she is and what she's capable of. and that's really cool. 

babushka -

Eleanor and Chidi relationship is, like, the polar opposite of "a man with zero redeeming qualities except for an allegedly good heart on the inside finds a woman who loves him unconditionally and provides for all his needs" trope.