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song of the lonely mountain


Autumn in '72

art trade with someone on twitter.

i really missed clip studio.


Moomee's ☆v☆

Trying another drawing app, like thi one quite a bit more than the other


I've only seen a few episodes of Moomin but Snufkin already has my whole heart

pweacho (IG & tumblr)

gone fishing


being a creator be like that sometimes ✏️ 


muddler is probably one of my two go to characters to draw at this point


i finally got around to drawing sniff!


he's free


I got Snorkmaiden 🌼 

"You are very kind-hearted, cheerful and lively by nature, and you are the messenger of the joys in life!

Vanity is also a part of your natural appeal. You love daydreaming but at the same time you impulsively rush to the new challenges and adventures."

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A danger to everyone in Moominvalley

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bodys -

*drops by 2 post more moomin art*

tigertoony asked:

Heh, you really don\\'t have to sketch anything for me, I\\'m just happy to help out! But if you wanna, maybe sketch um Too-Ticky? She\\'s one of my favorite Moomin characters! And I can see from your icon you like Moomin too!! ;w;

cosmicaces -


i hope this is alright!! too-ticky is one of my favs ;v;

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paranormal asked:

r u a fan of moomin? owo uwu

moon -

I am! I'm actually going to be handing out snufkin stickers alongside other stickers at an event this wednesday ! (feel free to download and print on anything you like, its free! its yours!)


hands in pockets

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