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i got an ask on the hell site complimenting my samfro stuff so i of course................... Drew More


doodling hobbits without reference is a bad idea actually but have this anyway

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tbh I'm not particularly invested in being a Silm person on here because the other people who are into it are into it in a very different way than I am


here's the finished samwise commission!

commission info here - all money is going to rainforest protection groups


Inktober day one is finished - i went with the obvious lotr theme

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a quick Varda before bed

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I am CONVINCED that the only way to truly tell the tale of Beren and Luthien is via musical format, in which one of the times Huan speaks is actually a song and Finrod and Sauron have a full on rap battle

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The Silmarillion as an opera...


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this would make so much sence

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Glaurung is too goddamn intellectual for his own good. He's like "I am a giant dragon, city-sized, I breath flame and poison. Here is a guy I wanna hurt, what can I do? Oh, I know, I will hypnotise and manipulates him and those close to him and then tell the truth years later and watch everyone suffer. " How does this mind work

@The Tolkien Calvinist

The Grey Wizard

A quick sketch of Gandalf I did.

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broke: Valar were playing classical music at the world's creation and Melkor chimed in with metal

woke: every Vala is actually singing in their own metal genre, Melkor just was that guy who does a solo for too long

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you, a blind fool: sam and frodo are gay

me, having transcended mortality: sam loved frodo deeply, but was also very much in love with rosie cotton and that shouldn't be ignored. clearly he is bisexual and polyamorous.

foxrockit -

ALSO i should add it's extremely valid to read sam and frodos relationship as a platonic one as intended and not romantic, tender friendships are fantastic and i love them