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malinchi -

every time I see anything related to a certain historical figure I always hope her afterlife is good or if she's not an afterlife person I hope she's finally getting to REST, DAMMIT

malinchi -

yesterday someone asked me where the Sumerians went, which was such an odd question because civilizations don't go places, they change into other things, but I guess there's an idea that the Sumerians went somewhere?

Which they didn't, actually: Their language was still used for legal documents and religious texts even significantly later, toward the end of the Bronze Age, and the Sumerian people themselves seemed to have adopted Akkadian as a spoken language as that became more common. (The Akkadians, for that matter, adopted Sumerian religious traditions and holy sites, even while keeping their own.) This seems similar to people thinking ancient Egyptians and modern Egyptians are somehow different?

Groups don't disappear, they change.

peachy-queer -

so i just found this Library of Congress site where you can transcribe papers written by suffragettes and never in my life have i so cursed my complete inability to read cursive.

peachy-queer -

for example

Mother has been ill, het ip v_t___ , ___ ___ hav gove to vii ab___ - ko____ _____ ____hew ____, oh___ i__ ___ ___ w____ I am ab  B____ im hew_I__ __ _______, __ in___ ___ ___  lay all ___ __ a ___ _____  for i am c_____ ___ to h__ ___. B___ w____ _____ address. More ____. - Be a good girl, ____-____ me a "____"  + ___ ____ ____ ___ ____ ____ Anna

This is some wheel of fortune shit, and at this point i can more reliably sound out Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Korean than i can cursive English lmao

lime -

mother has been ill

(het/hel-/but) is* better, - (unintelegable)

(hau/haer/hair?/have?/lair/lau/laer) (g/y/q)oue (unintelegable) about

Lowe*2 bu_ _ierss (lie?/in) hem

luck*3, oher is not

whether*4 i am at B_ttyie/B_ttis

* notice that the s on has looks the same

*2 it looks like a capital letter so im guessing its a name

*3 solid guess here mate

*4 please this handwriting is a pain

thelldev -

Mother has been ill

but is better, - + I

have gone to __ about

__ [business] in her

life/luck], this is not __

whether I am at Betty's

in h___. [Late/Like] a ___,

+ ____, they can

say all that with a

____ ___ so

I am careful not to 

___ them.

Betty wants Lulu's address.

More ___(1). - Be a

good  girl, [doll] - think me 

a "loon" + know that I love

you always.


(1) May be moreover but spelt wrong?

That's my best attempt - stuff in [square brackets] I'm not 100% sure on but fits given context

“on the way there”, lesbians heading to the london pride march, photographed by della disgrace, june 1988 via