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thoughts -

to all the writers concerned that an unambiguously happy ending will take away any of the story's dramatic impact: think again

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Criticism in art community!

babushka -

Sooo, art community and criticism huh??

There is a lot of comics out there that express the thought most artists agree on: artist has the right to ban people for being generally rude about their art work and/or leaving criticism they weren't asked for.

These posts get different responces, and here i will talk about the six types of those responses. 

1. What do those artists expect, they're on the Internet! Uploading your work means you're ready to hear any kind of crap from anyone who sees it!

Dear asker, how often do you come up to people in the street and tell them rudely you dislike their outfit?

By your logic, it's completely acceptable since the person in the street is available for you to see. Oh, you're afraid they will react negatively to you? Well, they have the right to do so, and so does the artist you see online! In your own word, asker - you're on the Internet, too, so get ready to be banned by those who dislike you!

2. Oh, so you just equate all constructive criticism to being rude? You think I'm being rude? You think banning everyone for disagreeing with you is the right thing?

The original post almost never says anything like that, and yet almost always there's a comment like that. No one has said anything about you specifically! No one even said anything about their criteria for constructive criticism and now you are already acting like your freedom is in danger. It's not. Calm down.

If your criticism gets getting banned and/or deleted everywhere, remember that doing criticism right is not that easy. Is your criticism necessary, kind, etc.? There are lots of discussions around this topic that might help you understand it better! And sometimes people just do not want to see you or have a conversation with you for their own reason. It's just a thing that happens with people, and the artist community isn't at fault for your negative experience!

3. But artists need criticism! An artist can't just not accept constructive criticism, if they call themselves an artist. It makes them learn and grow! If not me, than who?

You do not know the artist personally, so you are no judge to their growth.

Maybe they're already taking criticism from offline communities. Maybe they see the mistake they've made already and don't want to recieve 200 similar comments about their mistake. Maybe they would rather ask a professional for criticism than only listen to what people of the Internet think. And maybe they just don't care about their mistakes, because they do art for fun! Yes, you are allowed to do that! Anyway, why would you care about the quality of their art if you aren't paying for it??

"But..." listen, even expected constructive criticism can stagnate the work process if it's not done in the right time. Famous people have said that! Criticism should take place when the artist asks for it, this way the artist will get maximum benefit from it!

4. I criticise constructively and only when i am asked, however... - maybe, again, you should rethink your definition of constructive criticism according to question 2. I am not writing about this here, but the rule of thumb is that criticism is supposed to help, not to demotivate.

5. But my personal attitude on criticism is...

That's fine! Express it on your art blog and make sure it's respected! But don't expect everyone to have the same attitude - we're all people!

6. But assholes on the Internet are inevitable! And some people even have good intentions! What if we just grow the thicker skin and...

And what if we just ban the unwanted critics, or, at least, send this post to them? What if we all just grow the "polite" skin? It seems easier, after all.

babushka -

can i just reblog this again im still proud of this lol

natblida -

Can someone explain to me how twelve gajillion dollar movie or TV productions never seem to include a budget for realistic looking wigs?  …Like?  Why? 

natblida -

Every time I see a super cleavage-y superhero costume all I can think about is like, how does that not fuck her up when she flies, or swims?  It’s 2019 my dudes, I feel like we got a strong enough grasp on the laws of aero and hydrodynamics to know better.

babushka -

heyy so i think i've found one of the reasons why we have a problem with purity culture

because, when you find out that someone you've considered progressive made a mistake, it's more frustrating than finding out that someone who has been bad for years continues being bad

so i can't really blame people too much for what happens often. and what happens is that person A is being attacked for the thing they're already apologised for and person B continues being outrageous somewhere far from mass outrage. and we can't all be "1000% woke" all the time because our mental health needs a break so we just repost what's most reposted...

i think i have to just look and stuff and go "how much of my attention do i think this needs right now?" 

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kidd -

i really don't get why people like isekai. or why people rather write a boring, average joe discovering a new world rather than just...that world and the characters already there.

anime and ln writers can't seem to imagine an independent world free from ours and it makes me snooze. 



spaded-aces -

Tumblr be like: Your most popular posts are gonna be the shippy ones because that's what we care about the most, doesn't matter what else you post, we'll still put notes on a post that's almost 2 years old because it's shippy

Waterfall be like: Oh? Original content? OCs that you care for a lot and put a lot of effort into designing? Gimme

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kidd -

do people realize...that remaking or readapting a movie doesn't make the original disappear?

On The Topic of Online Art Communities

chanceyreblogs -

It's difficult to be an artist, that much is clear. And with the evolution of social media and the fast paced world, competition and self doubt runs the show nowadays.Not to mention the algorithmic changes happening with every other social media lately, it's nearly impossibly to gather and keep an audience, this is why it's important to uplift eachother instead of relying on "followers". I know I put out this post so that I could find new artists to reblog and support, which I take very seriously and will try to the best of my ability to deliver. 

However that won't solve the problem of unseen artists. One person showcasing art is good, however I think something that was wrong with the Tumblr community was the lack of support we felt for one another. Tumblr had a fantastic way to allow art to come directly from the source and be shared around and networked, Waterfall has the same unique feature that could cultivate a perfect supportive community. However we don't seem to care for one another anymore, even I am finding myself less likely to look for new artists or try to help others. Everytime a post comes around that says "artists supporting artists" I see people just dropping their own page, their own info on how to see their own art, but not looking at anyone else's pages/websites/portfolios. I've done it countless times, hell even on the post I linked above people just reblogged it, but not gone in to the notes to see anyone else's page. 

Even during the renaissance, the new art motion, artists have been supporting eachother. Artists have always been connected to learn and grow from eachothe, swap ideas, mediums, foundings, etc. Social media nowadays seems to be like everyone is in a giant room, taping content on their section of the wall, but not walking two feet to the left to see anyone else's.

We need to put in the effort to support one another. I'm tired of friends and mutuals becoming insecure about their art because no one will support them.


Spread love y'all, reblog art, look at other artists, use the searchbar and look at the tags ( #art #myart #myoc #artistsonwaterfall/tumblr/instagram) 

You could even just click on the tags of this post and find a new friend, follow eachother! 

chanceyreblogs -

keep rebloggin

babushka -

You can't really separate art from the artist, times it were created in, etc... But you can separate art from the reader? If i resonate with a piece of art and this piece is not, for example, a book called "Trump Was Right“, that does not mean i agree with the writer on everything. I might even have misinterpreted his work or his problematic message, because people do that. They interpret things differently. I wouldn't want to support awful creators financially, but if the thing is already illegally downloaded on my phone somewhere what can i do

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mcatnip -

the "you like problematic characters therefore you're a bad person" thing is so annoying. maybe i like the way the fandom portrays them. maybe i just like irredeemable bastards. serverus snope is not going to climb through your window at night just because i read angsty fics about him

somethingfeline asked:

Not meaning to make this into more of a discussion than it needs, but I'm not familiar with the term 'pro-shipper" in this context? I'm aware of 'anti-shipper' as a term for people who harass others for 'problematic' interactions with fiction/fandom (usually shipping or fic writing), but I haven't heard of the one in your post.

thelldev -

Pro-shipper in this case is basically the opposite of anti-shipper. They're people who believe that there's no issues with shipping adults and minors and producing pornographic works featuring these ships, despite it being illegal basically everywhere. 

cosmicaces -

to any and all minors on this website:

you dont, really have to read what im going to say but please keep it in mind at the very least. i've noticed that some bigger social media sites, people below the age of 18 DO have a tendency to try to start or get involved in drama. on top of that, i've noticed that sometimes, they don't try to listen to reason and instead turn around and make fun of the person and laugh at their expense

in the situations where the person is a HUGE piece of shit, yeah go for it! but there's a difference between someone saying something to be genuinely shitty and not understanding what they did wrong or your perspective.

on sites such as tumblr, you'll see from popular blogs that its such a common response to turn around on someone asking for clarification and then having people make fun of that person but like...be mindful? do some research? how old is the person? are they neurodivergent? are they intending to harm or genuinely confused? 

i have seen....SO many decent folk get harassed over misunderstandings and people refusing to communicate and like, i do understand! in times like this, it's so hard with everything falling to shit and having to exert caution, but that's where research and being mindful comes in. if someone says something that upsets you, take a deep breath. dont be afraid to tell them!

if they refuse to stop or treat you like a joke, then just separate and go on. dont try to stay involved in drama, or even join drama in the first place. i know you mean well, but take it from me and some of my friends: it is mentally damaging. you will look back on what you did and trust me...it's gonna fuck you up. take care of yourself first and be open-minded. i know we need to fight, but we need to learn how to heal too. future generations shouldn't have to feel so inclined to be at each other's throats, especially when you're still growing, you're learning.

be wary, but be kind. your health and sanity come first, so please...don't try to delve into that rabbit hole

cosmicaces -

mmm i think another thing that needs to be addressed is like, its okay to like things that are flawed as long as they are not harmful, yknow? 

you can enjoy media and acknowledge its/its creators problems

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babushka -

sometimes you gotta disregard canon events and maybe even canon personalities to make yourself something happy that makes you happy and this is just how it be sometimes

i am not saying everyone should do that

but this is just how it be sometimes

kidd -

star wars isn't sci-fi. treasure planet isn't sci-fi. these are space fantasies. :v

babushka -

sci-fi has sci in it for a reason 

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plum -

do you ever wonder about the imprints of yourself that you leave behind? like abandoned accounts on websites you haven't touched in years and the memories of people you havent spoken to since the 8th grade?

aro-fae -

I encourage everyone to take the time to be a person without social media! It's much too easy to get wrapped up in how you present yourself to others and how well that presentation is accepted.

I'm not saying delete all your accounts. I'm saying you should have hobbies and interests that cannot be summarized with a few #tags. Let yourself exist happily without the ownership and upkeep of a digital persona!

babushka -

filmmakers of the past: we must spend a lot of energy crafting this makeup, dolls, animatronics, costumes and props to make all of our otherworldly creatures look as real as it gets!

filmmakers today: nah we'll just slap a lazy cgi on everything because computers

Heads up this is a controversial opinion

lime -

when talking about a tv show a movie or a game that wasnt fully made by one person (this includes minecraft and other indie games like fez that either gained a team or outsourced work)

if you hear someone say “the creator is a bigot” ask them if everyone who made it was a bigot too

”x director is a transphobe so dont watch their movies” and punish the actors, vfx artists, sound designers, editors, script writers etc etc that might if not be allies be queer themselves

the only thing i might not take this stance on is music but even then theres a lot of people involved

i understand not wanting to support the bigot in question but when we roll out on the boycott waggon we tend to forget everyone else who made the thing

kidd -

it's pretty transparent that you're just racist when your "disney remake fatigue" strikes not with Alice in Wonderland or Dumbo or Lion King or Christopher Robin or Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin or The Jungle Book or Mulan....but with a black Ariel. 

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kidd -

People who throw money and attention at boring/awful/problematic/etc media and then wonder why media sucks right now irritate me to no end. 

babushka -

I'm not going to go full tumblr and say "cliches are the best" but some people geniunely surprise me with their hatred for "cliche characters" that... Exist? In real life? In great numbers??

"this evil army major who treats his soldiers like shit thinking it'll make them stronger is cliche" okay but like. I don't believe him existing feels unrealistic i just don't