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babushka -

im just gonna say it

we have a huge romantization problem in the content creator community as a whole


describing something doesn't necessary equal romanticizing it

so if you're ready to cancel a creator simply after seeing a tag on their work, you might be in the wrong here

Okay since we're on it now

babushka -

Serial killers shouldn't have "fan-clubs".

If you're interested in true crime from psychological standpoint it's okay i guess, but that doesn't mean you get to "stan" serial killers, make "cute" fanart of them, etc. If your mind is so "attracted to everything dark and twisted", you can always daydream about fictional characters instead, at least.

"But i don't condone everything they did, i just think they're hot and cute and misunderstood and" -

The only reason they're famous is because they've killed people. The only reason you know about that them is that they've killed people. And yet, you knew that and made a consious decision to start or join their "fan club". This is sending a message. "Want a fan-club but don't wanna try to be a good person?! Just kill people for no reason! The more, the better! That's the only thing you need to do!"

Serial killer fan-clubs should not exist. Serial killer merch should not exist. This is disrespectful to the victims and their families. This is disgusting to humanity as a whole. This can directly corellate to the case where some other teenager decides to take out a gun, thinking "i'm gonna be famous and have so many fans, just like all those serial killers".

Know better.

babushka -

kinda getting tired of "this man is a genius so he's allowed to be as rude to his clients as he wants to. also it kind of makes him cool haha"

kanaya-maryam -

An update and notice. When I started this blog I wanted to make it a cottagecore type blog, but have come to learn that cottagecore is actually extremely racist and colonizing and well, absolutely tasteless.

Someone made a post explaining thus: http://theysbian.tumblr.com/post/183127444632/hey-i-understand-you-dont-want-to-answer-questions

So I've removed those cottagecore tags from this blog. If you post cotagecore, perhaps reconsider, and develop yourself.

There's already some posts happeing, but I intend to, instead, post some lesbian stuff, chill greenery, and artwork and we'll go from there. Also some cats. Cats are always blog material.

awakeingdreamer -

Hey, ya'll know any good romance stuff I can torture myself with? Anime, movies, tv shows -- pretty much anything besides books, my reading list is already long enough I can't add to it right now.

Preferably on Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ or BroadwayHD, but not a requirement.

Also please happy endings only. Endings where one or both die or they don't end up together for whatever reason, even if it's a good reason, just piss me off when I'm in my hopeless romantic moods.

thellere -

Pinterest is apparently worth 13 billion dollars and their entire model is just folks stealing content

Clearly I've picked the wrong model for WF

thellere -

Original content? Psh

awakeingdreamer -

Normal People: I don't like the new site changes! This is stupid! I'm leaving this site!

Me, staring at the button that lets you choose if you want the site to look like the new version or the old version: *dies laughing at peoples' petty bullshit*

awakeingdreamer -

rebellion: writing an sfw fanfic of an nsfw show

chicory -

You know what's one of my favorite things? Every country has that one dub of some cartoon that's absolutely brilliant in their language, but like. You have to understand the language and it's nuances and even some cultural stuff like the sense of humor and whatnot to truly appreciate its brilliance. Also sometimes the acting and the casting is better.

And I like seeing people mentioning it and I'm always like bro,,,, I don't get it but I Get It.

An Anonymous user asked:

What are your thoughts on AO3 as a whole? I've seen you talk a few times about it and producing an alternative so I'm assuming not good?

thellere -

Aaaah, this'll be a long answer.

So for this answer, assume that by AO3 I refer specifically to the site itself as a piece of technology. OTW refers to the organisation running it. The Users refers to the people using the site.

In regards to AO3 itself, it's some pretty good tech. It's still in beta, yes, but the tag system is... honestly kind of state of the art. On a purely technical level, it's pretty damn good. I don't think I'd have written it in Ruby but hey, if it's what whoever started it knew, it's what they knew. Same reason Waterfall is in PHP, plenty of programmer friends have said it'd be better off in some other language. The engineers absolutely deserve a pizza and their drink of choice.

Now, the OTW. I am very much in favour of the OTW's stated goals, which is preserving the right of people to make transformative works. The problem is how people are using that definition. To be clear - fanfiction is excellent, and people should write it. Now that's out of the way - I've seen some posts from OTW staff talking about AO3 on negative posts and I've never seen the elephant in the room come up.

I like the idea of AO3, and I like the goals of The OTW. What I don't like is the way some users try to interpret the goals of them. AO3's general ethos is that you can write whatever you want. OK, fine. This means that some content I don't want to see or even diisagree with will be there, but in theory, I should be allowed to say "thanks, but no thanks" and ignore it. The problem arises from people who see their aims, and assume that there's an almost... right? To write whatever they want. And that anyone who disagrees is trying to stifle the very idea of fanfiction itself.

Like, we've seen that with Waterfall already. We disallowed stuff featuring sex involving minors for legal reasons, and because none of the staff are really OK with it. Everyone who objected to us doing that labelled us anti-fandom, because apparently that is what they mean by "anti". The reason why I say I don't if I'm pushed to give an "I like it" or "I don't like it", simple answer on the subject of whether I like AO3 or not boils down to basically that. When content that (whether they refuse to acknowledge it or not) is illegal in most countries becomes conflated with the very essence of writing fanfiction or participating in fandom, it starts to not look good, doubly so when the proponents of writing that stuff celebrate AO3 as being a free haven for it starts to damage the site's image.

In reality, AO3 shouldn't have that image - the site's aims are good. The way people using it act - and I know it's not all of them and may even be a minority of users - really do a lot to damage its reputation to people unfamiliar with the site, since - at least, when I first heard of it - people were recommending it purely based on it allowing content that FanFiction.net didn't. Technically excellent or not, when that's what your users are marketing you as, it's not great. Like it or not, your users become a part of your brand.

marvusxoloto -

unfriendly notice that if you post incest / ped ships on your tumblr but not on waterfall I still hate and loathe you and will block the christ out of you.

Srsly, don't interact or follow me if you ship incest or pedophilia. Even if it's on secret off site tumblrs and sideblogs.

*yes this includes shipping pseudo / adopted incest

babushka -

certain people on other platforms: STOP starting your post with "friendly reminder that X is a known pedophile!" Just tell me what they did and give proof of it. I will be the judge of the rest.

And just because i mention creators doesn't mean i support their every action and word.

waterfall -

there needs to be a specific field of therapists dedicated to helping minors through internet drama

coffee -

"this is trash"

dude....,, why are you still reading it then this is chapter 100 😭😭😭

awakeingdreamer -

Some boys just need to put on the their big boy boots, man up, and quit being so damn picky. It's a pandemic, there are shortages, including on solid fabrics. Possibly largely because boys are insisting on solids because they're more manly and less "embarrassing" than masks with fun decorative prints that lifts people's spirits.

babushka -

men: representation in post-apocalyptic books? everyone knows that only the STRONGEST and the MANLIEST survive!!

also men: i would rather die than wear a floral print

babushka -

big content creators: here is a female lead!

fanbase: god!! did you really have to be SO political???

me: how is this political??? women literally exist and are half the population, how is making a film about a woman political???

big content creators: oh we're sooo political. you can't even imagine how brave and bold it was of us to make such a radical move. we put the "her" in "hero" . tonight in theaters, something you have never seen before - a woman!! praise us!! praise us!!

thellere -

I realised last night the reason I don't like blocking is 100% an artifact of the era of the internet I grew up in

It was the era where your identity was your username and that's it - you just didn't list anything like your age or gender or location or anything and people just sorta... didn't share opinions unprompted

But it was also the era of niche sites rather than generalised stuff like this, so there was never any NEED to share opinions unsolicited and when you did, nobody really cared what you had to say so it'd either be ignored, or just sort of... lightly debated? And stuff was in its own threads so you had to consciously elect to participate in it rather than it being forced down your throat.

But now we're in the era where people demand you put your age/pronouns/sexuality etc so they can... it comes across as sort of pre-judge you almost, and there's only really like. Four websites anymore so people use them as a soapbox when there's not really any reason to (and people still don't really care what you have to say). And since there's not threads, you get the "If YoU Don'T REbLoG thIs I'm JuDgInG YUou" crap.

ngl I kinda miss the old internet, it was simpler

chicory -

Ok but what's with fanstasy YA authors and corvids. I wanna see a trilogy themed around hedgehogs.

thellere -

Allegedly Patreon just banned all NSFW anime stuff as being of minors

It'lll be intereseting to see how long before it comes out that actually no, the artists complaining WERE drawing NSFW of minors.

Especially since in week 1 of WF we had a ton of porn being uploaded of BNHA characters who were 16, where the prevailing argument was that we should allow it because "age of consent" (while those people simultaneously ignored that the age for appearing in porn has always been 18 so like. Pointing to one law while ignoring the other more well known ones to support you isn't a good way to convince people and borders on saying "yeah well maybe these REAL minors should be allowed to be in porn too then" )

Speaking of like. Fuck them for uploading it in the first place but it's almost a shame because we had to ban a lot of good artists tbh which probably crippled our marketability a bit in the early days so F to us I guess

ok-computer -

autistic representation in media tends to be "this person has one not-very-specific special interest that they will have for the rest of their life" and that's all well and good but where's the rep for autistic peeps with like 3+ special interests that they switch between at light speed (aka me)

angelicaphelion -

Just wish superhero movies would take themselves less seriously because most of the source material is, inherently, ridiculous!

All the DC villains are ridiculous! The Riddler, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy... they're all super gimmick-y! Absolutely baffling!

Stop making gritty movies and reboots and give me the fun vibe of Birds of Prey or the Lego Batman Movie!

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babushka -

i have no idea what hazbin hotel is but all i can see is this

its fans: yes its full of offensive humor, but that's because main characters are terrible people and the show is set in hell!

the good place: am i a goddamn joke to you or what

thellere -

Wants to schedule a workshop in the Discord so folks can hop in help figure out how to make the site friendlier to writers and fandom but knows that the INSTANT I put a time to it I'll sleep through

Social media and fandom

princeofdoom -

I'm not sure where I'm going with this exactly but I'm going to write about how fandom and the platforms fandom is on interact with each other because I've been thinking about this a lot. Feel free to reblog if you agree or have some comments about the platforms I know less about. TW for mentions of Nazis, including a reference to Nazis harassing someone, and CP. CW for talk about kinks but no explicite mentions are made.

So I want to start off by saying that while a lot of people use tumblr for fandom, tumblr is and has been for a while, a terrible platform for fandom. And I don't think it's any one aspect of tumblr that makes it terrible for fandom, but several in conjunction. It has subpar blocking options and is extremely open with content, and on top of this staff is likely over worked but is definitely incompetant on the whole about dealing with major problems like child porn and Nazis.

Being open could have been a boon to fandom had it not been for the other issues (and I think staff here has done an excellent job avoiding those pitfalls on WF). Because tumblr was so opento sharing anything and everything, things that could have been fine in a more, lets say, granular setting like the message boards of the past (nsfw material in general, specific uncommon but otherwise harmless kinks, etc) became major problems on tumblr. However, at the same time, because staff was incompetant at corraling serious issues or straight up overlooked the problems, CP and generally harmful ideologies spread more or less unchecked, and still do.

And because of the openness of the site in general in combination with blocking that does pretty much nothing, it's not a matter of "If you don't like/agree with something, just unfollow," even in the most innocent cases, because if you follow people who interact with the content you dislike at all, even if they never reblog or like it but just reblog a piece by the artist that has nothing to do with that content from a tag they track, you will get suggestions for that artist and likely for exactly what you don't want to see.

So people on tumblr agreed on certain courtesies like tagging things (which is good and has been used elsewhere to good effect). But also, because reporting people to staff almost never did anything good and sometimes just caused issues for the people reporting, you get callout culture in its earliest form: A way of warning people when someone does something truly dangerous or malicious, so others could be safe and avoid the individual. Of course that quickly spirraled out of control as people who were themselves malicious started using callouts to blacken the reputations of people they didn't like (I remember a Jewish transgender artist who was accused BY NEO NAZIS of being a pedophile with no evidence, and the purity patrol did everything in their power to take away this person's ability to make a living, seemingly not considering why some fucking neo nazis might be accusing a trans Jewish person of this shit). Callouts were also made by people who, while probably less malicious in intent, probably could have dealt with their issues privately instead of trying to tell everyone to avoid this person who obviously stole their character design even though all the aspects that are similar are either extremely common or could just be random chance.

I don't know much about twitter, and while I think it has its uses in fandom, I also don't feel that it would be a good base for fandom either, especially with the low character limits.

Facebook looked at one time like a good fandom space but even when you put aside that most of the people who use it are older than I am by a good margin, it's also too controlled by advertizers and not trustworthy in my eyes. Fandom is in a big part about making media your own in some way, through art or writing or cosplay or whatever else. And it needs to be free from advertizers and big brands and monetization as much as possible. I mean, I get that fan creators may need income as well to keep making the things people enjoy and things like patreon are great for art or writing in general. But fandom should ideally be about love of something and making something because you want to, capitalism be damned. (Someone let me know when we get to an ideal world.)

I've heard that a lot of fandom has also gone to Instagram and similar sites, but I really have no experience with any of them, so I don't know how they are managed or what pressures get put on fandom users that they have to account for and act around.

I only know a little about Pillowfort. It sound more granular than tumblr, but with even less overall moderation/laxer rules and that just sounds like absolute disaster waiting to happen. I think the granularity of the site could work in its favor since people hopefully would be able to just completely avoid -for example - someone's clown art that they post in a clown lovers group because the original user has a clown phobia, while still enjoying the person's pictures of their cats, Barnum and Bailey. However if instead of clowns the person is posting CP, then that's where granularity would cause issues on a personal level let alone a site wide one.

Another site I do have actual experience on is Dreamwidth. It is a site that's more like LiveJournal, but it has a smaller user base and the way that it's set up is better for longer posts and indepth looks at things. Although I'd say things like AO3 is better for fanfics, Dreamwidth is best for meta posts in fandom. However, it might be too granular for use these days: It becomes hard to find new content and new users, and hard to search for specific topics of interest. Most people in fandom these days want quicker content, and while longer think pieces can get popular, because of sites like tumblr and twitter, most people expect smaller, easier to digest posts and media content. Plus, it doesn't support a lot of images so that's a downside for visual artists. On the positive side, people who are on there tend to be friendly and respectful, people self regulate interests and groupings and the staff are on top of things. It reminds me of the better times in early fandom.

Personally sites like Waterfall and AO3 (although it's not technically social media, definitely a major platform for fandom) are probably the best options for thriving and healthy fandom areas. But it seems like whenever sites like this pop up, the more malignant portions of other fandom spaces throw hissy fits and try to tear them down. Basically, I don't know what will happen to fandoms online in the future.

goat-ish -

Not so much on the same line of thinking but I guess I can comment on something that I guess is related to the issues you mention.

CW for CP and pedophilia.

Fandom has changed so much in the last years, it is obvious even for someone that has almost never really interacted with communities, denying it would be foolish, to say the least. I have always commented that I never really get special interests, yet I have been going around different fandoms since I was in middle school and the spaces for fandom were quite different from today´s. Even when they were kinda small and had drama, they actually felt like communities; not only people would leave comments on stuff but you could actually see people wanting to engage in conversations and explore more the characters. People would follow rules that no one really imposed or said out loud, a kind of common logic, of not doing this or that because fights were just a shitty thing to start. People that often started fights and/or drama were avoided because why would you want them near you?

Again, there was drama, I don't think that's something that can ever disappear, yet it felt so different from today's dramas. Ship wars are way too different from people arguing if cp is ok or not.

What I want to say is that today's fandom experience is so much lonelier, I guess. Not only the (popular) places where you can engage with other fans encourage brief interactions but actually engaging with the fandom brings more problems than not and it reflects with the fact that a more than a few memes about fandoms are about having a really limited social circle to avoid problems or almost removing yourself entirely from the fandom while still creating or enjoying the source material so maybe that way the toxic side of the fandom won't find you. There are more and more people scared of talking with others because 1) of the type of things they condone/like/share, 2) feel the pressure that if others catch you talking with the wrong person by accident you're going to be swallowed by drama, 3) feels like is just a matter of time for someone to come and attack you by taking something you said and twist it so you'll be in trouble just because they didn't like something you posted. Also because there's an alarming increasing amount of people that support problematic/toxic content or that support the people that create this content and, of course, the increasing misinformation that the "pure" side of the fandom keeps sharing.

If the toxic side of the fandom that condones topics like CP wasn't enough problem, the increasing side of the fandom that assumes that everything is toxic sure is a whole other and new bag of problems. And I'm referring to those people that somehow learned that, for some reason, characters can not have flaws because having problems to deal with is simply NOT ok, or those that say that an age difference of three years is already pedophilia. I'm talking about that side of the toxic fandom.
It might only be my opinion, but I do think that it is shitty that the people that start most of the (mostly unjustified) fights/dramas in fandoms are becoming more popular and are seen as role models in some fandoms. When did we make the shift from wanting to enjoy our things in peace to try to ruin each other for the sake of doing it?

Even in websites were the fandom experience should be like an open invitation to stay because of the type of interactions you can have with others or the content you can create and share, it just feels like you are walking on eggshells. Not because you can't find people that don't engage in toxic behaviors, but because the part of the fandom that is actively toxic has become bigger and bigger or maybe just louder and louder. At this point I'm just rambling fueled by emotion, but why can't we simply follow someone because we liked one of their shitposts? When did we start going into someone's blog to see if it is actually safe to follow them?

But not only that. My concern is not only the fact that the experience has become a lonely thing but people that are just starting to find more people that like the same show/story/etc. are now surrounded by all these ideas and ideologies that are downright hurtful. The worst is that some of them are accepting them as truths. Being accepting CP or being a puritan, is just a shitty thing to happen.

And I don't blame them, how could I? They are constantly being bombarded with these behaviors/ideas, pressured by other fans to engage, and they are in these spaces because they wanted to share! They want to not be lonely with something they like and no one to speak with! I know that if I were younger I would fall right into one side or the other just to be able to participate, to talk with someone else, to be part of the community. And that would only lead me to accept more and more of those behaviors/ideas.

Honestly, new fans have it hard nowadays. At least veterans have the past to remember how things were different and (in our memory) better than today, but they? Most of the time their options are limited to be lonely even when they can see other people talking about something they love or having to choose a side to engage with, because we have to be honest, even when there are shows/stories/etc. with decent fandoms, the more popular ones have really shitty fandoms. Fandoms that go against the core values of the source material, that are constantly in war with each other, or that have even chased away the creators when they asked to please not do certain things.

Everyone that has decided they don't want anything to do with these problems is just running around. Right now we have WF, but what are we going to do when we run out of safe places?

thellere -

Shoutout to yesterday when I noticed an artist with 120k followers on Twitter followed the WF account and I got excited

Only for them to unfollow 10 minutes later and make a tweet saying "nvm they won't allow my art" because they did BNHA smut art involving Deku and All Might or whatever their names are

Posting thsi b/c it's being talked about in the Discord rn how, as well as there being no fandom stuff here yet, us having actual morals is the second biggest thing holding the site back

Like if I just said fuck it and relaxed all the rules we'd grow very fast

But I won't, and it's proving to be a very valuable lesson in why Amazon et al got big and why companies that try and pay their workers well stay mom and pop shops

Ethics and success seem to be mutually exclusive