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cat!Jeventio Sprite

i was bored and i wanted to try drawing out some shipping/ figure Cat!Jevil's design a bit. so i did a sprite~

original size(100X100 pixels):

[ms2] [au] allon - friendstory

designing hard :(

but yeah expect more friendstory stuff

Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Meant to post this yesterday but art upload bug said "No". Anyways, enjoy!

my friend tells me the new makoto shinkai film isn't good


here's some Mitsuha Miyamizu content

Commissions OPEN!

Hey everyone!

I've got commissions open for the year, and I've got a list of all my current prices and options available! I'll draw pretty much anything, so feel free to e-mail, send an ask, or DM me for any additional info! ♥

I also have Ko-Fi commissions available!

Old gift art for Neko <3 I'm so glad seeing how far sh'es come

Drawing of Kiro from EVOL+LOVE.... He's very pretty ;_;

Hello there, I'm Celina and welcome to my art blog! Here, I will be posting my various original art and fanart!

My main blog is queencelina33, my OC ask blog (which will also have my OC art) is thequeensocaskblog!

Let's start off with some fanart, shall we? Have a doodle of my versions of Allison Angel and Alice Angel from my Bendy and the Ink Machine AU! They're basically sisters and live with Henry, Joey, Linda, Bendy, Boris, and Tom!

I'll go into more details of this AU over time, but if you want to read the main story in my AU, you can find it here!

Teaser of Pokemon comic "The Legend of Rainbow Crystal"!

Also features no text version! First part should be started around this month or February, we'll see! More information!

Probably my last painting from this year. Goodbye 2019! Hello Mr. Claude Von Watercolor!

Hope you like it! :3

not to brag but i think sailor venus looks gorgeous in her new uniform!

that being said, i now want to redesign the sailor moon one because it's now not as cool.

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Bernadetta lineless commission for @/kbnsane on twitter!

Aigis from last months patreon poll!

My gymsona ✨ I had this like, 90% done for forever and decided to just finish it lol

from last year when i re-read HS