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All valid points!

The most likely solution is just for us to adjust as needed. With Twitter (having literally just checked on my phone to make sure I wasn't misremembering), NSFW accounts load fine, no image censoring or anything. I just had to tab the "yes, I'm sure I want to look at tits" button and it let me in just fine. This is on Android though, so maybe it's different on Apple - I've not used an iPhone since 2010, so can't comment, though I just had our iOS dev take a look and it let him in no problem too.

The way we've been interpreting it so far, as well as our lawyer when we ran it by him pre-Kickstarter, is that those are, specifically, for apps only primarily intended, or where the overwhelming majority of content is adult, OR in cases where the app is primarily marketed with the availability of NSFW stuff being allowed. On those grounds, Bdsmlr wouldn't get in because it's literally a porn site, NewTumbl wouldn't get in because it heavily marketed allowing NSFW and is, at this point, basically a porn site, and Waterfall just made a side comment saying that yes, it's allowed as long as you tag/mark it properly.

As far as we know, based on those grounds, we should be fine, since we have at least the same level of opt-in as Twitter does. But as we said, if Apple or Google tell us off for it, we'll adjust how it works in the apps as needed to get it through.

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Alright I’ve been seeing ‘artststation’ posts all over my social media later - what’s artstation?? I ask knowing full well I could google so feel free to tell me to do that if you’d rather lol

It's an art website like DeviantArt, but is usually lauded as being aimed for pros.

I don't know exactly what the current fuss is about but they had a fair share of questionable actions over the years. From promoting overworking, launching art challenges that are nearly impossible to do within alloted time if you have a life, to constantly promoting very fetishy anime girls art (afaik that got sort of fixed but the place is still overflowing with over the top unrealistic anime tiddies).

It's very... Cishet male artist dominated so I rarely feel comfortable sharing my work on the platform.

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Sometimes I go on ArtStation and just...

It should be called BroStation.