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Shield Maiden

of Rohan?? idk


song of the lonely mountain


i got an ask on the hell site complimenting my samfro stuff so i of course................... Drew More


doodling hobbits without reference is a bad idea actually but have this anyway

By literallyilliterate

EEHH, does anyone have water drawing tips???


The Good Rider - Digital Oil Painting

Michael and Janet as Kamen Rider Zero-One and Izu. This is my favorite one to date, this painting has more easter eggs in it than any other painting in this series so far! 

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lynaiss -

@pantarhei commented:

Alright I’ve been seeing ‘artststation’ posts all over my social media later - what’s artstation?? I ask knowing full well I could google so feel free to tell me to do that if you’d rather lol

It's an art website like DeviantArt, but is usually lauded as being aimed for pros.

I don't know exactly what the current fuss is about but they had a fair share of questionable actions over the years. From promoting overworking, launching art challenges that are nearly impossible to do within alloted time if you have a life, to constantly promoting very fetishy anime girls art (afaik that got sort of fixed but the place is still overflowing with over the top unrealistic anime tiddies).

It's very... Cishet male artist dominated so I rarely feel comfortable sharing my work on the platform.

lynaiss -

Sometimes I go on ArtStation and just...

It should be called BroStation.



Anton Robert Leinweber

By literallyilliterate



(haha, look at that! no background. dead inside. also, id like name suggestions pls :D)


Inktober Day 24: Guardian


here's the finished samwise commission!

commission info here - all money is going to rainforest protection groups


Inktober day one is finished - i went with the obvious lotr theme


doodled space sibs bc im on a horrible star wars kick


Inktober Day 14: Starstruck

babushka.waterfall.social, 2019

Michael's true form uwu

babushka.waterfall.social, 2019

a quick Varda before bed

i realized that i hadnt drawn lalli in his new outfit since he got it so heres the boy

i have a weird habit of drawing the ssss boys all windy idk why its just... fun..... windy hair fun

Probably will never finish this, so I suppose I should just drop it as is. Lately any personal illustration I start, I ditch in the end because I find the storytelling too flawed or vague.

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Inktober 2



AngelTea / Nine

Inktober #3: Bait

If it's pretty, it's dangerous.