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awakeingdreamer -

Instagram is so not browser friendly, it drives me crazy. But it's like the only good place to post pictures.

Except I have a couple different accounts and now they're all jacked up and I don't know the login information for anything anymore and I honestly kind of really want to just delete them all and start fresh, but I don't even know how to do that so I'm gonna go jump off the roof.

thellere -

Me: Adds 20 books to my Amazon wishlist

Also me: Knows full well I'm banned from using any more of the bookshelf space

thellere -

I wonder how powerful I'd be if I had a sleep schedule and stuck to it

coffee -

god im so fucking tired

if you support ICE, think all lives matter/blue lives matter, or want to "hear both sides of the story" before taking a stance...

please block or unfollow me, my posts are not for you.

awakeingdreamer -

Gods I love freckles

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melancholia -

If you're an active blog as of may/June 2020 plz reblog!

awakeingdreamer -

You know, I see those "tag that one weird friend who would totally do this" things all the time...bitch, I am the weird friend.

why is this me

babushka -

nature is taking over the quarantined cities again and i don't know what to think really

ok-computer -

like or repour if you're an active blog i want new people to follow

PSA: if my icon ever triggers anyone, just send me an ask and i will change it. It won't be rude at all.

babushka -

soft-nomad -

far too many of the songs I heard throughout my childhood were about "following your dreams" it's no wonder people always say I have my head in the clouds, it's cuz I was RAISED there

goropancakechi -

Chickens are so CUTE

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supermario -

My gender is [DATA EXPUNGED] and my sexuality is [REDACTED].

thellere -

I know exactly what I need to work on today and I DON'T want to

archfey-deactivated-2020MarTue-200317040331-276 -

nothing..and i repeat..nothing..is better than biting into freshly baked bread

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kidd -

laughing at people who think weeks+ at home with nothing to do is doable. even for an introvert, it is excrutiating, and i feel like i'm withering away :)) people arent meant to be stuck inside and not see their friends for weeks

persephone -

a lot of people seem to be having an incredibly difficult time lately for a lot of different reasons, and although i can't do very much to help at the moment, i am sending everyone love and strength and hoping with all my heart that things get better for you all

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wittywallflower -

Iced coffee at 1am is my kinda Bad Decision aesthetic.

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flowerfemme -

i'm like stopping myself from indulging in a recently died down hyper fixation lately and i just realized. why. why am i stopping myself. why shouldn't i get back into it. fuck it. fuck it!! i could just. watch it again. it's right there on youtube. nothing is stopping me and i currently Have The Time.

anyway if you're like me and currently trying to hold back your hyper fixation/special interest like a dog owner tugging on a dog's leash perhaps if you think about it a minute it might, maybe, be okay to just

let go of the leash

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angelicaphelion -

sorry i only have one braincell and its dedicated to thinking about my ocs

persephone -

i live for the little trilling noise cats make

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thellere -

Not to be rude, but *proceeds to be rude*

coffee -

tbh if we talk once and have a great convo but havent properly talked to each other since (besides likes, reblogs, comments, etc) i still consider you a friend, more so than if either one of us try to force conversation multiple times

cause theres this understanding that we like each other but we're both socially awkward individuals?? and when i end up thinking of them im just like damn, even more we have in common.

idk maybe its just me tho