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tiddywife -

have y'all seen that post on tumblr about zillenial culture? well something else that some people have mentioned is the switch that everyone did from regular box tvs to flat screen tvs, but if you were poor like i was you saw everyone else slowly buy flat screen tvs first and then eventually your fam was able to afford one

thoughts -

this except mine never got a new tv and just watches netflix on a big pc screen instead

malinchi -

tbh I'm not particularly invested in being a Silm person on here because the other people who are into it are into it in a very different way than I am

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persephone -

i actually have a pretty straightforward relationship with identifying as a woman i just deeply hate the idea of expectations or prescribed traits or appearance around gender and don't buy it in its current widely perceived structure so you know what? if anyone asks my gender is wildflower

malinchi -

you ever listen to a really good album and then you're like "I'm gonna listen to this like five more times today"

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kidd -

i really don't get why people like isekai. or why people rather write a boring, average joe discovering a new world rather than just...that world and the characters already there.

anime and ln writers can't seem to imagine an independent world free from ours and it makes me snooze. 



corky -

growing up mentally ill is weird

lottieperson -

reblog this if you're an active blog on here 

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mcatnip -

the "you like problematic characters therefore you're a bad person" thing is so annoying. maybe i like the way the fandom portrays them. maybe i just like irredeemable bastards. serverus snope is not going to climb through your window at night just because i read angsty fics about him

savethelesbians -

Me: *joins a discord server that's small and relative to my interests* oh this'll be fun haha

Me as soon as there's more than 15 people: *gets overwhelmed and mutes it*

Me, two days later: *joins another discord server* oh this'll be fun

herobrined -

hdguhf 'oh this'll be fun' thatk ills me

gir -

without a large user-base I'm eventually going to be forced to make my own funny posts and content, what the fu c k

susato -

i never can join group chats because by the time i finally thought of a reply, the subject has already changed :<

starrieskies -

adhd mood is trying to do two things at once, getting super caught up in one thing and only remembering you were doing something else hours later

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plum -

do you ever wonder about the imprints of yourself that you leave behind? like abandoned accounts on websites you haven't touched in years and the memories of people you havent spoken to since the 8th grade?

maybexobaby-deactivated-2019JulSat-190727070720-6207 -

That neurodivergent feel when you're between hyperfixations and you're just kind of floating around with no real personality or interests anymore...

aro-fae -

I encourage everyone to take the time to be a person without social media! It's much too easy to get wrapped up in how you present yourself to others and how well that presentation is accepted.

I'm not saying delete all your accounts. I'm saying you should have hobbies and interests that cannot be summarized with a few #tags. Let yourself exist happily without the ownership and upkeep of a digital persona!

kidd -

no one: 

my picrews: >:3

archie -

it's kind of a cultural thing to tell everyone else that they don't know real bad weather regardless where you are and where they are. I find that I can't even say "it's cold here" without anyone from elsewhere interpreting that as "I know real cold, I am the only one who has ever been cold" because it's just that expected

archie -

or rather, I couldn't say. I'm in the desert now and no longer experience "cold" as a sensation

patchy -

wanting to be social and make friends but also anxiety about being social and nothing to talk about



adhd things

aadhad -

-plugging in headphones and opening spotify to play some music but a text comes through while it’s loading so you answer it and next thing you know you’ve been sitting in silence for an hour

-reading a book and realizing you have no idea what happened for the last chapter and a half so you try to reread it but you end up focusing so much on focusing that you still have no idea what’s going on

-spending 3+ hours researching adhd and other possible mental health issues when you should be sleeping or studying

-“my friend will be here in 10 min, that’s enough to clean and...” and then they’re suddenly at your door

-little to no actual conception of time passage

-starting projects with the full intention of completion until you reach the boring part

-pacing when you’re anxious, nervous, excited, bored, sad, happy, etc.

sarenrae -

once i figure out how to watch tv/movies for more than five minute intervals its over for you bitches

matchsticks -

anonimity on the internet gets abused by a lot of people to be assholes online but like. im such a private person in real life and the cloak of anonymity gives me the confidence to be more honest about my feelings,,, i feel safe enough to say that i love you, the person reading this. im your friend.

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me: maintaining an sfw, family-friendly blog

y'all with your nuts, dirts, fmk squidwards: testing my damn patience