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Alright I’ve been seeing ‘artststation’ posts all over my social media later - what’s artstation?? I ask knowing full well I could google so feel free to tell me to do that if you’d rather lol

It's an art website like DeviantArt, but is usually lauded as being aimed for pros.

I don't know exactly what the current fuss is about but they had a fair share of questionable actions over the years. From promoting overworking, launching art challenges that are nearly impossible to do within alloted time if you have a life, to constantly promoting very fetishy anime girls art (afaik that got sort of fixed but the place is still overflowing with over the top unrealistic anime tiddies).

It's very... Cishet male artist dominated so I rarely feel comfortable sharing my work on the platform.

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Oof, I’m glad I asked. Thank you!

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